Lead Institution: Vanderbilt University

Project Leader: Janos Sztipanovits

Research Progress

  • Abstract
    The Generative Integration Tool (GIT) enables the translation of policy models into many different programming and rule languages (like FORMULA, Drools DRL or ILOG BRL/IRL) to enable the integration of formal and validated policies into information flow control of production HIE systems.

  • Focus of the research/Market need for this project
    The operation of HIEs requires active enforcement of privacy policies among health care organizations. GIT provides the technology for integrating the policies in commercial health IT systems.

  • Project Aims/Goals
    Research and Develop means to translate the policy models and use case models into many different programming languages in support for using such models for verification, validation and privacy enforcement in health information exchange systems.

  • Key Conclusions/Significant Findings/Milestones reached/Deliverables
    We have researched and developed the Generative Integration Tool (GIT) to support translation of models into executable code. The GIT leverages research in the fields of semantic anchoring and formal languages. The key concept of the GIT is to use code templates with minimal supporting code to provide the semantic anchors for the models. The language specific code templates and semantic templates are created with the syntax of the StringTemplate language and open source library. The GIT works on the internal data-model of the Web-based PATRN toolkit that is based on the policy interchange format defined for PATRN. The GIT is used to generate validation and verification code from the models created by the UCAME tool.

    Figure 4. A policy model and FORMULA code generated using GIT.

  • Materials Available for Other Investigators/interested parties
    The Generative Integration Tool (GIT) prototype is available as part of the included in the project add-on tools for policy authoring and use case modeling with documentation in the policyforge help project.

  • Market entry strategies is an open collaboration website that is similar to the established open source community sites such as SourceForge or GitHUB, but it is specifically tailored for policy formalization. We use the website to provide access to the prototype Generative Integration Tool (GIT) included in the Policy Authoring Environment and Use Case Modeling Environment. For more information see the Market Entry Strategy for the Policy Authoring Environment.

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