Lead Institution: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Project Leader: Kevin Fu

Research Progress

  • Abstract
    The battery remains one of the most constraining technical bottlenecks for deployment on security and privacy technology for medical devices containing health information. This project proposes a battery-less device that assists implantable devices with authentication and key exchange.

  • Focus of the research/Market need for this project
    Manufacturers need to ensure that adding security and privacy to medical devices will not drain the batteries shared with life supporting machinery. With non-rechargeable batteries, modern implantable cardiac devices require a surgical procedure to replace a device when the battery is depleted. To reduce risk to the patient, it would be beneficial to have the battery last as long as possible. Battery-less devices do not draw power from the implantable device battery and may provide an attractive solution for security mechanisms.

  • Project Aims/Goals
    Develop energy-harvesting computational modules for securing health data and actuators in implantable medical devices.

  • Key Conclusions/Significant Findings/Milestones reached/Deliverables
    This component was discontinued so that effort could be focused on components where results were more promising.