The Strategic Healthcare IT Advanced Research Projects on Security (SHARPS) projects will advance the sophistication, development, and deployment of security and privacy for Health Information Technology (HIT) through long-term research that is strategically managed for fundamental impact and incremental short-term benefits.

SHARPS projects are organized as a set of three to four components, each with a multi-institutional and multidisciplinary academic team, that associate PhD security and privacy computer science researchers with MD researchers, social scientists and high-level information officers in healthcare organizations. SHARPS teams are supported by industrial partners and consultants. The overall project is advised by a distinguished project advisory committee that draws on leaders in academic research, industrial research, healthcare delivery organizations, developers of HIT, government healthcare, policy leaders, and stakeholder groups. SHARPS organization assures project synergy and the capacity to act as an effective collaborator with a Federal Steering Committee and Health and Human Services.

TheĀ  research projects and components address strategically chosen cross-cutting themes that foster collaboration and consistency across projects and yield multi-purpose technology supporting convergence of EHR, PHR, HIE, and TEL.

The first anticipated outcome of the project is to improve the maturity of security and privacy technologies and policies to remove a key range of security and privacy barriers that prevent current HIT systems from moving to higher HIT Meaningful Use Stages. The second anticipated outcome of the project will be the creation of an integrated multidisciplinary research community in security and privacy for HIT that will carry progress forward beyond the scope and duration of the SHARPS project.